Xiao Ma

Xiao Ma


Xiao is a Machine Learning research engineer at Google (2019 - present) with a background in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). She currently works on Large Language Model (LLM) safety and human-ML collaboration.

Most recently, Xiao has been focused on developing new techniques to better align AI systems with principles of human-centered computing and moral reasoning. She has worked extensively on Bard safety evaluation and improvement, training AI systems to assist human raters, and enhancing classifier fairness.

Xiao's prior research focuses on understanding how AI increasingly mediates social exchange and its societal impact on trust. Previously, Xiao worked at Facebook Core Data Science (2018) on trust in social groups and Airbnb (2016) on trust in host profiles.


Xiao holds a PhD in Information Science from Cornell (NYC campus) on Networked Trust: Computational Understanding of Interpersonal Trust Online. Xiao was fortunate to be advised by Mor Naaman, Karen Levy, Serge Belongie, and Jeff Hancock. Before moving to the U.S., Xiao completed a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering at Peking University (2010-2014) in Beijing.


Xiao is passionate about the intersection of art and technology. She serves on the board of the pioneering performing arts venue, National Sawdust. Additionally, she was a technical volunteer at Rhizome, aiding in digital art preservation. Xiao also makes art under the name Maximal Margin.


xm75 at cornell o edu

Seattle, WA